Ram Jaane (1995)

Ram Jaane is arrested by a security guard after stealing cargo from a train with his best friend. He is shortly released and becomes one of the biggest hustlers in the city. After a deadly shootout, he is arrested by a corrupt police department and sent to jail again. After a few years of serving jail time, he goes back to the streets and to his friend’s place. There he decides to help him raise the local kids in the area so they won’t be corrupted by the streets. He quickly falls in love with a childhood girlfriend Bela (Juhi Chawla), but also goes back to his old ways.

Ram Jaane movie full songs:

Ram Jaane

Ram Jaane (Sad)

Pump Up The Bhangra

Phenk Hawa Mein Ek Chumma

Ala La La Long…

Chori Chori O Gori

Bum Chiki Chiki Bum

Ram Jaane (1995) trailer